Furniture Removal Services

Do you have a piece of furniture that you no longer want, but you don't have time or the energy to bring it to a donation centre or sell it on Facebook?

Depending on the item, we will come pick it up & remove it for you. To be refurbished by us & potentially sold on our website.

We offer this service free of charge, as we believe it benefits both parties. We get another project to work on & you get less clutter & more space for the things you love!

To arrange a pickup/removal of an item please reach out to us via phone and/or email.


Phone: 778.700.5618

 *If you are reaching out by email, please provide a description and photo(s) of the item you are wanting removed.

Because we run our business from home we have a limited storage space & can only take a limited quantity of items, so please don't be offended if we aren't able to accommodate you as we are also looking for a certain type of aesthetic as well : )