Refund Policy


Please note all sales are final. Unfortunately we cannot refund or exchange any items. 

Please remember that all the items we sell on our website are secondhand unless otherwise stated, we do our best to quality check and make sure the item is clean before we send out, deliver or get it ready for pickup. However, because all our items are used there maybe stains, defects, odours (as some of the items are quite old) or other signs of wear & tear. Please look at all photos carefully, we will make sure to photograph & take note of any damage or defects, however we do not note every single sign of wear & tear. So please contact us if you have any specific questions about the current state of an item we are selling. 

Also please note in terms of furniture measurements, we always take the outside measurements from the widest/tallest/longest point. We do not take “inside measurements” of each shelf, chair depth, etc. If you need specific/more detailed measurements please reach out to us before purchasing and we would be happy to provide you with any and all information you need. It is the responsibility of the customer to make sure an item is going to fit their space before buying as we unfortunately cannot accept returns if something doesn’t fit. 

Also it’s very important for us to state that because we do not sell new items or make any of the items that we sell ourselves we cannot guarantee the longevity or lifespan of each item. That being said we do our best to quality check & test everything before selling. Please expect that every item we sell is sold in as found condition unless stated that it has been restored/refurbished/cleaned/fixed/etc.

We also cannot guarantee the comfort/softness of any chair/sofa/bench/stool we sell either, as we do not make these items and comfort is relative. 

We also cannot refund if you’ve purchased & changed your mind for whatever reason, even if you haven’t yet picked your item up or it hasn’t yet been delivered. Once the sale has gone through, either via our online store, e-transfer or cash, you as the customer have purchased the item, and it is not returnable or exchangeable. 

Also, if you’ve purchased a larger item but you cannot pickup or have it delivered within a week and want us to hold it for you for longer than 7 days please reach out to us before purchasing so we can confirm that we’ll be able to accommodate this request. Keep in mind we run our business from home so we have limited storage space & we can only make exceptions sometimes to hold items longer than 7 days. Again we do not do refunds/returns and we cannot refund you if you’ve purchased something but we aren’t able to hold it for longer than a week and this doesn’t work for you because you are moving or away etc, again it is the responsibility of you the customer to reach out before purchasing to make sure we can arrange to hold it for you for longer. 

Also if you are unsure about measurements/sizing, colour, material or any other questions about the products we sell please send us an email at and we will be happy to assist you!

Also please not we cannot refund if you’ve purchased items & you are outside our delivery & pickup zone. We explicitly state on our website that furniture & home decor items are for local delivery & pickup only. Sometimes we can make exceptions to how far we will deliver, but this is at our discretion and agreement must be made between the seller & the buyer before a purchase is made. 

Again all sales are final. 

Sale Items

Please note All sale items are final sale as well.