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It’s A Round Retro Table!

It’s A Round Retro Table!

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It’s A Retro Round Table! Perfect for hosting poker or uno nights with friends.

Or pretending you are part of The Hollywood Reporter Round Table discussing acting processes with the likes of Meryl Streep & Denzel Washington.

Or you could just use it as intended - a good old fashioned kitchen table!

This babe has vintage style & pizzaz up the wazoo! 

Its creamy white color makes it timeless and it would look good with teak chairs (pictured) or other minimalistic or more colorful funky style furniture - you decide ; )

  • Vintage 1950’s/60’s perfectly round kitchen table
  • Very versatile
  • In a nice retro creamy white color, with silver trim
  • H 29 1/4 inches x W 30 inches


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