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The Vintage Green Anorak

The Vintage Green Anorak

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It's 1985. You are on a camping trip with your Dad somewhere deep in the Olympic Peninsula. It's raining cats & dogs. You guys have been walking for hours trying to find this tree that your Dad carved his initials into when he was young. You stop for a break, drink some hot coffee from your Stanley thermos and munch on your crunchola granola bar. You are kind of annoyed to be walking around in the rain for so long, but your dad cracks a dumb joke and and all of a sudden you are both laughing so hard granola and coffee are spurting from your mouth. You smile and think to yourself thank goodness I have my Vintage Green Anorak to keep me dry and warm.

  • Made from GoreTex Materials
  • Leather accents
  • Tons of pockets
  • Men's size small - but fits like a medium
  • Model is 5'11"
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