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Mood Music Vol. 1

Mood Music Vol. 1

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For the times when you need to unwind from the crazy world around you. When you need to clear your mind and exhale. Maybe you've got a big exam coming up that you need to study for? A job interview you're nervous about? Or maybe you're feeling stressed out about spending time with family this holiday season. Whatever the case may be, sometimes what you need most is something to help calm you down. 

Mood Music Vol. 1 was created exactly for that purpose. It features 5 calming instrumental tracks created by our very own singer-songwriter & composer Oliver Thiessen. There is nothing like the sweet & mellow sounds of piano, strings & other electronic music oddities to bring some tranquility to the soul. If you are thinking to yourself is this some lame elevator music or nature sounds with pan flute cd I would find in a tourist gift shop in downtown Victoria or Banff? The answer is no! It's definitely way cooler than that - we promise! Think more along the lines of Olafur Arnalds, Alexandre Desplat, Tony Anderson & Jon Brion. 

 This album was intended to help you focus, give you some peace in the turmoil. We hope it speaks to your soul, helps you study and ace that test, or get through a hard time in your life. 

Let the music wash over you like a warm summer rain, let it cover you like a cozy comforter and let it untether your imagination so it can run wild into the universe of your mind.

  • Features 5 instrumental tracks - you can listen to 20-30 second snippets of the tracks below before purchasing.
  • All songs were written, performed & recorded by Oliver Thiessen.
  • After purchase the songs will be automatically sent to your email in the form of a zipped folder, you can then unzip the music files onto your computer and upload it to your smart device/phone via iTunes or other methods.

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