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That Funky Cornershop Cabinet

That Funky Cornershop Cabinet

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It was only a matter of time before we named one of our pieces after our company name, and we thought this cabinet was deserving enough for us to bestow upon it The Funky Cornershop moniker!

 This cabinet definitely lives up to it’s “funky” name, I mean what kind of cabinet do you know of that has 2 secret compartments hidden in the back? Not many if at all right? 

Plus this baby has a nice retro vibe well still retaining its natural beauty - no funky paint colors needed for this vintage beast!

It work great as a display case/shelf in your living room for books, plants & knick-knacks!

  •  Made from Vintage Oak & just restained to freshen its look & prolong the life of the wood
  • Features 2 hidden back shelves/cubbies
  • Features 4 front shelves/cubbies with 2 lower cupboards
  • H 49 x L 33 x W 13 inches
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