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The Ain’t That A Peach Chairs

The Ain’t That A Peach Chairs

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$150 each - only one left! 

You may be thinking to yourself do these chairs have abs? The answer is yes, yes they do, and not only do The Ain’t That A Peach Chairs have abs but they have an 8 pack each - now that’s hardcore!

Now don’t worry, one would think being embraced by a muscular torso might not be comfortable, but these chairs have just enough cushioning to make the seating experience absolutely cozy and divine!

Plus their peachy goodness will bask your home in so much retro funkiness, soon you’ll be feeling nostalgic for Bob Ross and Mr. Rogers!

  • Mint condition vintage chairs
  • Unique fabric and comfy cushioning make these chairs very nice to fall into after a long day
  • H 35 inches x W 24 inches x 21 inches




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