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The Alistair Coffee Table

The Alistair Coffee Table

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The Alistair Coffee Table has nice clean lines & beautiful wicker side accents, which make this table quite the nice looking retro piece!

I can imagine this table sitting on a lime green shag rug, in front of a zenith tv, family sat on the floral couch, TV dinner trays laid out before them, eyes locked on The Jefferson’s. You try to set your can of coke down on the glass top but your mon shouts at you to use a coaster, and you know she’s right, you gotta respect a beauty like Alistair, you gotta treat it right! 

If you want to adorn your home with a minimalistic oak babe, you can’t go wrong with this one!

  •  Vintage oak, wicker & glass coffee table
  • Very minimal signs of wear & tear
  • Sturdy & stable table
  • H 22 1/4 x W 26 x L 26 inches




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