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The Aristotle Globe

The Aristotle Globe

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If you brought the exquisite Aristotle Globe home with you it would be so pleased it would probably start singing lyrics to the 80's Dead or Alive classic You spin me round baby right round but the word record would be substituted with globe, because you know it's a globe not a record!

This Globe is definitely something to behold. You can pretend you are some great God looking down on the world as you spin it like a basketball, and laugh menacingly as you think of all the destruction you have inflicted on those little humans on earth. With a mere flick of your wrist you will cause hurricanes, tsunamis, fires, avalanches, volcanic eruptions and of course earthquakes. Relish in the horror! Or if you prefer to be a kind deity, you can of course just sing Joni Mitchell songs to your globe to make sure all those little humans on it are happy, and that trees keep growing, and Mother Nature is content, and the world will keep spinning round! 

  • Beautifully painted wooden stand in dark honour blue
  • H 34 inches x W 17 inches



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