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The Angelo Mirror

The Angelo Mirror

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You: Mirror mirror on those wheels, who is the finest of them all?

Mirror: You are definitely fine, but there is one who is finer than you I am afraid.

[You experience emotions ranging from shock & dismay]

You: Say what now?!

Mirror: Well you see, I am Italian & made from solid brass, glass & have miles of class. So by default I am the finest of them all.

[You resist the urge to smash the mirror & instead one tear falls from your left tear duct]

You: Oh okay, well I guess that makes sense. I guess you are pretty fine Angelo. 

[Angelo Mirror blushes a little]

Angelo Mirror: Oh come on, no way. You really think so?

You: Yes you are absolutely exquisite.

[A beam of light emits from Angelo mirror, blinding you right in the eyeballs]

Angelo Mirror: Since you have been so kind to me, I will always reflect the best of the best of you. You'll always look your very best when you peer into my glass.

[Overcome with emotion, you grab Angelo & start waltzing & twirling around your bedroom all the while the sound of music soundtrack is playing in the background]

The End...

[Fade to Black]

  • Vintage brass mirror on wheels
  • Made in Italy
  • In great condition
  • All items are final sale 



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