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The Arabella Armoire

The Arabella Armoire

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The Arabella Armoire is quite the exceptional piece of furniture, it makes you want to stand back and exclaim bellissima!

 This closet might not transport you to the mystical world of Narnia but it’s still every bit as magical!

It’s perfect for homes were you need a bit of extra closet/storage space! So fear not, you no longer have to keep all your clothing rolled up into a ball on the floor you can hang them nicely in Arabella

You can even keep books & plants on the very top to adorn this exquisite piece! 

  • Vintage (early 1900’s) Armoire
  • Great condition for its age - minor cracks & signs of wear tear on the bottom
  • Unique burnt wood look
  • Outside Dimensions: W 26 x D 22 1/4 x H 72 1/2 inches
  • Inside Dimensions: W 25 x D 20 1/2 x H 68 inches
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