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The Becker Desk

The Becker Desk

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Who says you need a sprawling desk the size of Texas to feel important! The Becker Desk is here to prove otherwise! Small but smart, stylish & efficient this table can be placed in any corner of your house or office and we promise it won't scream Nobody puts Becker in the corner! 

This baby is a moonlighter, desk by day dinning room table by night! You can go from solving algebra in the morning to laughing with your partner and kids about the newest reader digest jokes over hamburger helper and soda pop at night! 


  • Features a fold down extension to get more people around the table & you can fold it down when you have had enough of your guests and you want them to go home - it's a very subtle move that works trust me!
  • H 29.5 x W 2 ft x D 18 inches + W (with extension) 27.5 inches
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