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The Bernard Foot Stool

The Bernard Foot Stool

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If The Bernard Foot Stool was a person I would picture him as a short, old man, wearing a fair isle sweater vest, with black rimmed glasses & high waisted trousers. 

He would be more of an introvert, but would always have a smile on his face if you said hi. He isn’t particularly nice, but he is kind - which is more real anyway. 

He would have an unassuming manor, but would have so many interesting stories to tell once you got to know him.

He isn’t perfect, but imperfectly perfect in all his faults.

And just like this stool he’s been around the block a few times - so you know he’s authentic ; )

Sure this is just a piece of furniture, but it’s an experienced piece of furniture, so take this little dude home with you today & add a little nugget of vintage & retro charm to your daily proceedings! 

  • Vintage foot stool from the 1950’s
  • In good condition for the age
  • L 19 x H 9 x W 13 inches



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