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The Vintage Postman Shelf

The Vintage Postman Shelf

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Picture this:

You're in a post-apocalyptic world where food & water are scarce, the country's infrastructure has been wiped out - no internet, smartphones or tv! All you have to rely on is the Postman! They will deliver your letters to your family members across the country, deliver what little scraps of food they can find in abandoned super markets & bring word of what's going on out there!

Like The Postman our vintage shelf is a simple yet reliable piece of furniture to safely house and display your eccentric knick knacks. Whether it be the cactus your great aunt Marnie brought back from Arizona or that little stuffed giraffe with only one eye that you've had since you were seven and refuse to throw out because it holds too much sentimental value. 

  • Vintage 40s/50s look
  • H12 inches x W17 inches x D2.5 inches


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