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The Bluebird Trolley Cart

The Bluebird Trolley Cart

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Ah yes The Bluebird Trolley Cart! It’s quite splendid to look at & dare I say even a bit exciting! I for one get butterflies in my stomach just looking at it or perhaps that’s just the bean burrito I had for lunch talking! 

 Anywho, this wooden cart, has been lovingly hand-painted with a floral bird design that just fills the heart with happiness & makes you want to jump in your vehicle & drive straight to Butchart Gardens to spend the day there basking in nature’s glory! 

It’s the perfect piece to house all of your wobbly pops, or if you don’t partake in such matters you can use it as the perfect place to display your plants & Knick-knacks!

It even has a removable glass & wooden tray so you can serve drinks & hors d'oeuvres at a dinner party or bring your partner breakfast in bed!

  •  vintage handmade & hand painted wooden trolley/bar/cart
  • Features fold up sides to expand into a little table & a small drawer
  • Features a removable glass tray
  • H 28 1/4 x L 24 3/4 x W 16 inches



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