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The Boho White Wicker Shelf

The Boho White Wicker Shelf

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The Boho White Wicker Shelf is the linchpin in the bohemian aesthetic - at-least we think so :)

It's usually one of the first pieces you see when you google the word "boho decor" or "boho furniture" - I bet it's on a lot of folk's pinterest boards too ;)

And why wouldn't it be? It's a stunning piece. Wicker may have had it's heyday long ago, but it has come back in style, we think it's always been cool. It just has that timeless quality. Makes you want to read a book, buy plants, & drink hot cocoa!

So if you are into wicker & you need some shelving space - this beauty might be just for you!

  • Vintage white wicker shelving unit
  • Has some minor signs of wear & tear but overall it's in great condition
  • Please reach out if you'd like dimensions :) 
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