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The Boudoir Chair

The Boudoir Chair

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Steal yourself away to your private chambers, filled with the scent of jasmine & patchouli, and lit by a 100 candles, their light flickering & dancing on the wall like some tiny spirits caught between this world and the next. 

As you plop yourself down onto your favourite chair, you look into the vanity mirror & sigh, this is your safe space, there is no judgment here, only love & acceptance and the sweet sound of Joni Mitchell's voice pouring out from the bluetooth speaker.

 Some of us may not have the luxury of having such a space, but we can at least have a small piece of it, let The Boudoir Chair be your safe & comfy realm - it may look small, but it's got a big heart ;)

  • Features an embroidered funky leaf pattern throughout
  • H 26 inches x W 20 inches x D 19 inches
  • Nice retro pink/salmon colour 



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