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The Brooklyn Bench

The Brooklyn Bench

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Ever since the inception of mankind we have longed not only to run and stand, but to sit and rest as well. Chairs are great, but can often make you feel alone and isolated.

In comes the bench, where you can sit with others, commune and have a laugh. Please don’t tell me you want to be one of the very few people in this world without a vintage bench in your home. The bench screams “Here I am world, I am long and can seat at-least 2 people, come and enjoy me”!



• Velvety upholstered seating, with a cozy cushion for your tushin (yes I know I added the “in” at the end, I had to make it rhyme okay)

• Funky paint and geometric line patterns, because you don’t want just any old bench, come on now!


Seating 18 inches

Tallest back part 34.5 inches

Deep 20inches

Width 38 inches 

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