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The Hamish Folding Card Table

The Hamish Folding Card Table

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This table may not be as old as the Santa Maria but it holds just as much character & a lot less bloodshed.

If you want a folding table with charm, lots of antique charm that is, this could be the table for you.

Use it as a games table, or display it in the corner - because it's just so beautiful to look at.

We didn't feel comfortable sanding or scraping off the top layer of the table, because we didn't know if it was going to wreck the ship motif underneath, and we didn't want to mess with that beauty. 

Even with the wear & tear on it, it's quite unique  - dazzling even.

  • Antique folding table with ship motif
  • Does have signs of wear & tear, so if you are looking for a pristine table, this is not it, it's about the character - but it's still structurally sound
  • Please see photos, priced to sell
  • All items final sale


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