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The Desert Mirage Dresser

The Desert Mirage Dresser

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If your eyes don’t pop out of their sockets from amazement at the mere sight of The Desert Mirage Dresser - you might want to get your eyes & pulse checked! 

I mean just look at the wood grain of this elm wood dresser! It’s absolutely hypnotizing! Like heat waves off of the desert dunes or the intricate patterns the wind makes in the sand - this beauty is unique in every way!

 It took a lot of blood, sweat & tears to get this baby back to its former glory but it was totally worth it. All that striping, sanding, oiling & staining brought this Queen back to her full reign of power!

It’s definitely more than a 100 years old so this piece ain’t retro or vintage it’s a gosh darn antique!

  •  Antique solid elm wood dresser - very rare circa early 1900’s
  • Has been stripped, sanded, oiled & stained - fully restored - but still has some signs of wear & tear as it as an antique 
  • The mirror has some wear on it, but we think that just adds to the beauty of the whole piece
  • L 28 1/4 x W 17 3/4 x H(without mirror) 45 x H(with mirror) 63 1/2 inches


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