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The Cecilia Cedar Blanket Box

The Cecilia Cedar Blanket Box

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What is it?! A plain old box? No silly! It’s The Cecilia Cedar Blanket Box! Aren’t you tired of having your sheets and duvets eaten alive by moths & under the bed monsters!? Well I know I am! I can never seem to fit all my extra bedding into my closets and thus I can never have any sleepovers anymore! 

It’s time to reclaim your space and say yes to organization and more sleepovers! So get ready to go blanket shopping, because this baby has so much space you could even sleep in it - well if you were super small or your curled yourself into a ball like a cat that is!

  • Vintage & made in the USA from real wood - cedar even sometime in the early 70’s
  • Features a retro floral painted motif
  • The top opens with a push button mechanism so you can store extra bedding, clothing, christmas decorations, or whatever you want in there
  • L 32 x D 15 x H 21.5 inches


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