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The Cesca Chairs (only 1 left)

The Cesca Chairs (only 1 left)

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Ah yes the infamous Cesca Chairs! 

The Cesca Chair was a chair designed in 1928 by Marcel Breuer, using tubular steel. It was named Cesca as a tribute to Breuer’s adopted daughter Francesca (nicknamed Cheska).

These are obviously replicas, but they are beautiful just the same. They have a nice solid feel to them and were manufactured in Italy - so you know they are good quality.

And oh man are they timeless. Their perfect cantilever frame & their minimalist design is definitely coveted by many a people.

These chairs are rare finds indeed!

  • Vintage replica Cesca Chairs
  • Made in Italy
  • All 3 are in excellent condition
  • Please reach out if you'd like dimensions :)


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