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The Monty Shelf

The Monty Shelf

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Never take for granted something small. When the world demands bigger and better,  it's good to remember that petite is sometimes exactly what you need. 

If you live in a tiny 400 square foot apartment, you don't have the luxury of colossal furnishings, you need something compact! 

That's why The Monty Shelf is just what the doctor ordered! What lacks in stature it makes up for in elegance and function! Easy to hang on the wall, a place for your spices, a mug, coffee stash and maybe even a little succulent - now that ain't bad! 

Bring this cutey home with you today, and we promise you'll be feeling all the warm & fuzzies!

  • Retro bamboo style construction
  • Features fold down dish towel hanger
  • Features 2 whole shelved - wowza!
  • H 13.5 inches x W 14 inches x D 5 inches


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