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The Concord Sofa

The Concord Sofa

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The Concord Sofa is like something from a bygone era. When Concords took to the sky, those rocket like pointy-nosed planes that could fly between New York and Paris in about 3 hrs!

This retro couch is just as awe inspiring, stylish & comfy as those birds of progress. The big difference is that this piece of furniture is much safer than cruising at 1250 miles per hr or Mach 2.04. I mean you were basically strapping yourself into a missile, speeding towards your destination. Yikes! I can see now why those beasts were retired!

So if you want to enjoy a little piece of history, reminisce to a time when air travel was more luxurious, then hop aboard The Concord Sofa. You can enjoy all the perks & style from the safety & comfort of your own home!

  • Retro leather style couch in concord grey
  • In great condition for its age, no visible signs of wear & tear, stains or damage
  • Total Height of Sofa 27 x Height of Seat 18 x L 62 x Depth 34 1/2 inches 



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