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The Corey Dining Set

The Corey Dining Set

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The 70's called they want their dining set back, but they can't have it, because a) time machines don't exist and b) they have enough funky & retro furniture of their own, so this one's for 2021!

If you've been looking for that quintessential 70's dining set, Corey might be just the one for you!

This 5 piece is quite the beauty. Made in Canada & still in great condition, it has  solid oak & brass accents, & the table top design is really groovy!

Oh and the chairs, the chairs are so freakin' stylish & comfy - the perfect place to chill after a hearty breakfast or dinner!

Take this set home with you today & add some vintage awesomeness to your abode!

  • Vintage 5 piece dining set - comes with a leaf so you can extend the table & make it bigger for more fun & fellowship
  • Made in Canada
  • Features solid oak & brass accents
  • In great condition with only minor signs of wear & tear
  • Please reach out if you'd like dimensions :) 


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