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The Crimson Tide Chairs

The Crimson Tide Chairs

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$560 for both chairs. 

Well well well, look what the tide rolled in? Why it’s The Crimson Tide Chairs! 

The 60s called and they want their funky velvety chairs back, but guess what cut that phone cord because they can’t have them back and anyways time travel doesn’t exist yet so I guess they are SOL. 

That’s good news for you though, as you’ll never want to lose sight of these unique beauties. 

Not only are they as fancy as a Liberace chandelier they are super comfy and dare we say practical as well.

These could be use at home in your living room, or for your small business, whether in a salon, office, boudoir, for photoshoots, etc! 

If you want something that nobody else has, then you gotta take these chairs home with you. 

  • Vintage mcm red velvet armchairs
  • In excellent condition 
  • All items final sale 
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