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The Delmont Desk

The Delmont Desk

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You know the old saying A diamond in the rough - well this table was definitely that before we got our hands on it!

Who knew there was such a natural beauty hidden underneath!

After stripping the old yellowish varnish off we found this exquisite walnut wonder underneath. 

After staining it and applying a protectant boy does this baby sparkle! No more rough diamonds here- it’s a refined Diamond begging to be put on display in your home ; )

  • Made from vintage walnut
  • Made in Canada sometime in the 1920’s-1930’s by The Honderich Company that shutdown in the 1970’s
  • Stained and sealed with a protectant - to prolong the life and look of this beauty
  • H 30 x W 20 x L 41 inches
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