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The Empress Chair

The Empress Chair

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This early 1900's beauty is nothing to scoff at. It has survived two world wars, the Great Depression, & even the end of corny laugh tracks on tv sitcoms! 

The Empress Chair is as its name suggests, exquisite & sits high above the rest. You will not find a chair as unique as this one in Ikea, or The Brick! 

Some may call this an antique, but I choose to think of it as an experienced piece of furniture, one that could tell many a tale about the buttocks that have sat upon it.

Yes this chair is still solid and can be sat on without a worry!

  • Made from solid Mahogany 
  • Dates back to the early 1900's
  • Original cushion with vintage crocheted floral pattern
  • Adorned with beautifully intricate hand carved patterns 

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