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The Forest Ranger Cupboard

The Forest Ranger Cupboard

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The simple yet dashing Forest Range Cupboard here is to add a little bijou into your household!

If you want something to hold your spices and your books that is both practical and charming - this is the cupboard for you.

You can keep your cumin in here, turmeric, smoked paprika and even those sneaky little chocolates you don't want your partner to know about because then you'll have to share, and you really don't mind sharing, but these are your "special chocolates" so you really want to savour each one and make them last! 

  • Painted in a retro forest ranger green with paint splatter accents
  • W 1ft x D 3 inches x H 18 inches
  • Features 3 shelves, with top shelf to display books or knick knacks :)
  • Lightweight, yet sturdy, hang this beauty easily on the wall


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