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The Four Castle Shelf

The Four Castle Shelf

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There comes a time in every piece of furniture's life where the owner must decide to keep it or give it away. Is it still stylish? Does it still hold sentimental value? Those are the kinds of burning questions one must ask themselves!

The Four Castle Shelf is the kind of timeless piece of furniture that you could see yourself holding onto for awhile - maybe even forever! I am not saying it's magical, but it holds it self very a well in a stoic kind of way. 

If you want something in your home that can stand out and just as easily blend in with the rest - you have found your match in this wonder!

  • Made from sturdy vintage wood
  • Freshly re-stained to prolong the life of the shelf
  • Features 4 glass shelves that are easy to remove - for more efficient cleaning and moving
  • H 53 inches x W 16 inches x L 16 inches


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