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The Gunther Chairs - only 1 left!

The Gunther Chairs - only 1 left!

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$99 each & 1 in stock

Let's get clinical, clinical, I want to get clinical - I might be slightly paraphrasing that ONJ classic song - but for some reason these chairs remind me of a walk-in clinic waiting room.

Now hold on a second, I know you might be thinking. Ewww! Why would I want chairs that look like they belong in a hospital?

Well I would say these are more of a chair you'd find at a wellness centre. Where the goal is to actually help you find peace & help heal you. You eat good food, you get to meditate, do yoga, listen to positive music, go for long walks in nature, sit in silence for hours - you know that kind of clinic.

So rest assured these chairs will only emit positive vibes in your home!

  • Vintage vinyl & wood chairs
  • In good condition with only minor signs of wear & tear
  • all items are final sale
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