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The Harpist’s Chair

The Harpist’s Chair

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$115 for 2 chairs. 

Joanna Newsom step aside because there is a new harpist in town! The Harpist’s Chair is here to play on your heart strings and steal it away with it’s velvety blue loveliness. 

Pretend for a second that you play for The Victoria Symphony Orchestra. You spend most of your days plucking away at your harp, practicing until your fingers are raw - so you need to make sure your chair is not only stylish but comfortable. 

On opening night of the autumn season of the VPO, you drag this chair to your place in the orchestra and everyone is blown away by its stunning beauty. The trombonists’s slide falls out, The first Chair Violinists’ strings snap and even The Conductor drops her baton. Everybody wants to know where you got your chair, but you smile and say oh that’s a secret. Sometimes it’s nice to have something that it is one of a kind and that’s for you and you alone. 

  • Lux blue velvet cushioning that’s soft to the touch & tushy
  • Chairs are from the 1950s in solid walnut
  • Unique vintage harp detail in chairback
  • Chairs have been re-upholstered, sanded down and stained. We wanted to leave the original vintage look but just bring back some of their ouster :)


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