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The Hitchcock Chair

The Hitchcock Chair

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The Hitchcock Chair is a thrilling wonder that isn’t for the birds - it’s for human beings to sit in!

I mean you’d have to be pretty much psycho not to fall in love instantly with this solid maple beauty! 

I confess this chair has left me spellbound and I am at the end of my rope as I don’t want to let it go, but alas I must and if you think I won’t then you’ve got the wrong man! 

We promise this chair will not give you vertigo but will leave you feeling fine & serene! 

So no need to start a frenzy, just take this vintage beauty home with you today and leave all your doubts & worries in your rear window! 

  •  Vintage solid maple chair
  • Excellent condition
  • Please reach out if you need dimensions : )
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