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The Holden Desk Vanity

The Holden Desk Vanity

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The Holden Vanity Desk is a beacon to long forgotten times - when people rode around in carriages and said things like “gigglemug” and “chuckaboo”!

The Victorian Era wasn’t the greatest for sure, lots of poverty, racism, sexism, but they did have very stylish outfits and beautiful, well built furniture. So that’s pretty much the only thing that we would like to extract and preserve from those times.

This piece has been lovingly restored, that means lots of sanding & piling to get this beast in tip top shape again. Now it shines brighter than the Queen’s jewels!

  •  Vintage vanity/desk with mirror
  • Has been restored to its former glory with lots of sanding & oiling
  • Has some minor signs of wear & tear as this piece is quite old, we are talking late 1800’s/early 1900’s
  • Features 7 drawers and removable mirror for easier transport
  • L 47 1/2 x W 18 x H of desk 30 x H w/ mirror 67 1/4 inches 



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