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The Hourglass Dining Table

The Hourglass Dining Table

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You know how you come across those once in a lifetime items.

Maybe it's a jacket that you've always wanted and it's finally on sale, maybe it's that Tesla you always wanted and they've finally made it in your favourite colour - mustard yellow.

Whatever your "dream item" is, it's something you long for for a long time and when the stars finally align & everything is set in place for you to possess it - that's a beautiful day!

The Hourglass Dining Table is definitely one of those dream items. This table is modelled after the Platner dining table which was designed by American architect & interior designer Warren Platner. Platner is most famous for producing a furniture collection that has proved to be a continuing icon of 1960s modernism.

So if you are into that MCM aesthetic you can't go astray with this baby.

And with 3/4 inch thick tempered glass & stainless steel base this table is not only timelessly stylish it's also very sturdy! 

Take this piece of history home with you today and make your dream(s) a reality!

  • Midcentury style Warren Platner replica glass & steel dining table
  • Both glass & steel base are in excellent condition, no signs of wear & tear
  • This piece is very heavy and weighs at-least a couple hundred pounds
  • H 30 x W 48 inches



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