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The Lenny Stool

The Lenny Stool

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Whether you are a standup comedian who needs a cool stool to practice your funny bits at home or you are a kick ass plant that needs a place to sit - The Lenny Stool is there for you! By the way why was is it called standup comedy if you need a stool to sit on? Shouldn't it be called sit down comedy then? *Ba dum tss*! Anybody? No? Alright well I guess my comedy days are over even before they begun! 

Anyways! Stools aren't just for human butts, plant butts are welcome to take a seat as well! 

These stools have a nice minimalistic vibe to them, so they will blend in well with any home decor!

  • Pristine condition retro stools
  • H 28 inches x W 12 inches




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