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The Little Table Buddy

The Little Table Buddy

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The Little Table Buddy is not just a friend to bigger tables but is in fact a table itself, think of it more like if you stumbled across this table all alone in the woods you’d probably say something to the effect of “Aww it’s a little table, you alright buddy?” Or “Aww it’s alright buddy, you are safe now, come home with me, I’ll make sure you are treated like the table you deserve to be! I’ll adorn you with little books, succulents & other accoutrements!”

What this little table lacks in size it makes up for in charm! I mean just look at it, with its cute little legs, cute little slide out table tray thingy & cute little bottom drawer - I mean it’s just so adorable!

  • Vintage little side table
  • Features a little pull out table tray & button drawer
  • In great condition, but does have some signs of wear & tear
  • H 24 x L 17 1/2 x W 15 3/4 inches 
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