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The Lucy & Margaret Lamps (Only 1 left)

The Lucy & Margaret Lamps (Only 1 left)

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Like two inseparable twin sisters, The Lucy & Margaret Lamps have been together for what seems like centuries. Dazzling people with their beauty and illuminating even the darkest nights with their lights.

Oh the stories these two could tell, like two gossiping siblings, they would regal you with tales of the hippest 70s soirees they’ve had the pleasure of lighting, the exquisite living rooms and homes they’ve lived in and on and on!

If you want to add a little vintage charm into your domicile, then take these beauties home with you today!

  • Retro Leviton lamps from the 70s
  • Made from porcelain
  • Features unique key style switch 
  • Mint condition


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