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The Magical Garden Foot Stool

The Magical Garden Foot Stool

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This petite foot stool is quite beautiful.

It makes me think of a mystical garden, overgrown by a myriad of colorful-exotic flowers & plants. This garden is hidden and can only be found by those looking for wonder & magic in their lives! If it senses your childlike imagination it will reveal itself to you & let you play inside its supernatural vine laden walls! 

 So if that appeals to you & you also need a place to rest your weary feet after a day of adventuring then take The Magical Garden Foot Stool home with you today & stoke the fires of wonder within!

  • Small wooden vintage foot stool
  • Retro embroidered fabric with floral print
  • Excellent condition - no stains, or signs of wear & tear
  • H 9 x W 12 x L 17 inches
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