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The Maritime Chair

The Maritime Chair

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The Maritime Chair 
is at first glance breathe-taking and at second glance enchanting!

These vintage beauties will leave you spellbound! You won’t be able to break free from their sold oak trance until you purchase each & every last one of these collectable wonders!

Created by the famous Shin Lee furniture company these chairs have seen a thing or two and oh if they could only talk & tell the stories about the butts that have sat upon them!

There is just something so intoxicating about these darlings, maybe it’s their shape, their bentwood frame or the knowledge that they’ve been around for more than half century, they hold so much history within their wooden bodies!

  • Vintage solid oak Shin Lee chairs
  • These chairs are collectible
  • Excellent condition, beautiful, solid & sturdy
  • Width between armrests 19 3/8 x Seat height 17 3/4 x Armrest height from floor 27 3/4 x Total height of chair 30 inches


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