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The Mart Stam S34 Chair

The Mart Stam S34 Chair

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$350 for both. 

Cubic form, clear shape, fine proportions, swaying movement: the evolutionarily perfected cantilever chair S 34, which is one of the first of its kind, combines the spirit of the times and a sense of tradition. “Why four legs when two are enough,” wrote the artist Kurt Schwitters in 1927 when he saw the first cantilever chairs in furniture history. The two chairs S 33 and S 34 caused a stir at the Werkbund exhibition that opened in 1927 at the Weissenhof in Stuttgart. As early as 1925 Mart Stam had experimented with thin gas pipes, the angles of which he first connected with flanges like those used by plumbers. As a further development, Stam created the principle of cantilever chairs that no longer rested on four legs - a construction principle that, with its formal restraint, has become an important building block in the history of modern furniture design. His cantilever chairs S 33 and S 34 were more than just objectively designed furnishings, they were part of the revolutionary overall concept of a new approach to architecture and life.

So if you want to own a piece of bauhuas history, you can’t go wrong with these beauties!

  • Vintage S34 Mart Stam Cantilever Chair
  • Made in 🇮🇹 
  • Has signs of wear & tear, price reflects this, please see photos
  • All items final sale 
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