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The Mischka Vanity Desk

The Mischka Vanity Desk

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Whether you speak Hebrew or Russian the word Mischka can mean two things. In Russian it means “little bear” & in hebrew “like God” so we think the name pretty much fits this antique.

Because not only is it strong & sturdy but not too big just like a little bear but it’s also very beautiful & old just like a holy deity!

 I mean come on now what more needs to be said for us to convince you to buy this divine desk? 

The Mischka Vanity Desk  - holier than thou since the early 1900’s.

  • Vintage vanity/desk
  • Has been lovingly refurbished with a retro sandstorm chalk paint
  • Features 7 drawers & original adjustable mirror
  • L 45 x W 18 1/4 x H 27 3/4 x Height with Mirror 60 inches
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