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The Moka Chairs

The Moka Chairs

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The Moka Chairs 
are exquisite darlings. As tasty as a caffe mocha and as vintage as Katharine Hepburn’s accent.

 I would define these chairs as mid century style. What makes them stand out from other MCT furniture is that these babies are nice & wide so they are more of a comfy arm chair than a stiff boring old office chair. They also have curved backs & arms which make them quite unique and make them visually pop! 

They are also in great condition, no stains, no smells & minimal signs of wear & tear!

If you want to funk up your pad with some retro beauties you can’t go wrong with The Moka Chairs!

  • Vintage MCT style chairs
  • Made from solid wood & tweed like fabric - both in excellent condition
  • Width between arms 20 inches x Depth 19 inches x Total height of chair 33 inches x Seat height from floor 20 inches


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