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The Mortimer Lamp

The Mortimer Lamp

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Once upon a time there was a lamp named Mortimer.

Now this was not just any ordinary lamp, it had style, it had grace and an attitude that could not be replaced.

People would come from far & wide to catch a glimpse of this stalwart wonder.

The way the light would reflect the brilliance of it’s brass chassis - well that was a sight to behold.

Some even believed that if you possessed this lamp it would bring you good fortune.  

The craziest thing is nobody actually picks this lamp, it picks you.

Once it finds the right person, it will worm its way into their minds, convincing them to buy The Mortimer Lamp.

There is no resisting it, inevitably you will give into its charms.  

And you’ll wake up one day realizing you have a new lamp sitting in your living room and trying to figure out how it got there. 

Deep down you’ll know, that the desire to possess the lamp was a sleeper thought planted in your mind by Mortimer, and once it was time he activated that impulse, that desire and know here you are!

  •  Vintage style brass lamp
  • Perfect working condition
  • Please contact us if you need dimensions ; )
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