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The Mount Woodmore Highboy

The Mount Woodmore Highboy

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The Mount Woodmore Highyboy is a solid wood wonder that one would willingly want to have in their home!

This Tall boy has lots of space, drawers, & charm!

 Oh and it's a heavy beast! That's why we called it "Mount Woodmore" because it's as heavy as a mountain and made out of lots of solid wood! So rest assured, it's built well - no laminate here! 

The thing we love most about this piece is how stunning & versatile it is! You can use it as a dresser, or a living room hutch - it's that awesome!

  • Vintage solid wood dresser
  • It's sturdy, built very well and extremely heavy 
  • Features 5 drawers
  • H 51 3/4 x L 39 1/2 W 18 3/4 inches
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