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The Not My Problem Lamp

The Not My Problem Lamp

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When life has becomes too stressful and everybody seems to want a piece of you, sometimes you just gotta lift your hands up, shrug and say Not my problem! While everybody is frozen in place with their jaws hitting the floor- because they would never expect you to standup and claim what you need - you sneak out the door, hop in your car, by a ton of snacks and go watch whatever movie you want alone at the nearest cineplex! 

That’s exactly the attitude The Not My Problem Lamp  has! It’s here to give you that extra bit of courage when you need to speak up for yourself, and shine a light on the right road to go and hey it looks pretty darn fancy as well!

Take it home with you today and let it illuminate your way ; )

  • One of a kind Vintage Leviton Lamp
  • Made from porcelain
  • Features Unique key style switch and removal glass mimicking the old oil style lamps. 
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