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The Oakley Mirror

The Oakley Mirror

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Oakley means a “meadow of oaks” and this mirror is almost as heavy as a legion of oaks! It weighs a whooping 32 lbs - now that’s a solid baby!

The Oakley Mirror is a vintage darling, made from solid oak, its natural beauty shines through from the wood,  into the glass and reflects itself on to any one who views their reflection in this wonder - so you’ll always be looking your best when you peer into it!

Being a hefty gem means that if you want to hang it on the wall you’ll need to do so with some seriously strong hardware or feel free to leave it leaning against the wall as it is reasonably tall!
Take this captivating reflector home with you today and let it fill your home with retro charm!

  • Vintage Mirror
  • Made from solid oak
  • Weighs 32 lbs
  • In excellent condition
  • H 52 x W 22 x D 2 inches



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