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The Octet Table

The Octet Table

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Imagine for a moment that you are part of an Octet.

You play cello, Sam plays clarinet, Tyrone plays drums, Sarika plays trumpet, Frances plays guitar, Lionel sings, Wesley plays upright bass & Michelle plays piano. 

Separately you are all great musicians, but when all 8 of you get together, you make magic happen or as one critic called it “the ultimate feast for the ears”!

No one knows why you all jive together so well, but it’s almost as if you can read each-other’s minds, you’re all on a journey together, the instruments your vehicles & the notes the road you travel. It’s this kinetic, mysterious thing that makes your group amazing!

Same goes for tables. Sure 4 sides tables are great, but when you stumble upon an 8 sided table, you know you’ve found something truly unique! 

That’s why octopuses are so dang incredible & intelligent - they’re always cooking on 8 cylinders ; )

  •  Vintage cane & wicker table with 8 sides
  • In great condition with only minor signs of wear & tear
  • Had removable glass top for easier & safer transport
  • H 14 3/4 x W 38 1/4 x L 38 1/4 inches 
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