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The Ongaku 音楽 Display Cabinet

The Ongaku 音楽 Display Cabinet

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Ongaku means “music” in Japanese and since this cabinet was made in Japan and was intended to house your record player & LP collection - I think it’s a fitting name. 

If this piece of furniture doesn’t scream 1970’s decor to you than you might want to get your ears checked. You can just imagine the magnificent music that came from this baby - Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac & Jimi Hendrix - just to name a few.

This cabinet is quite versatile, you can use it as intended and house your music playing gear or use it as a display case for books, knick-knacks & other fun stuff!

  • Vintage Display case from the 1970’s
  • Made in Japan by The Fisher brand
  • Features 3 shelves
  • Top glass part lifts up
  • Has wheels so you can rock n roll this baby
  • W 17.5 x D 16 x H 36 inches
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