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The Overlook Chairs

The Overlook Chairs

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 $180 each. 

At the top of a lonely snowy mountain, sits a grandiose hotel built in the 1920’s. It has got that Wes Anderson/Kubrick vibe. A little spooky, but more funky than anything. Its halls & rooms are filled with 70’s decor -  shag carpet, paisley print wallpaper, & groovy furniture that would make anybody wanna disco!

But there is one room, where the decor & furniture are the most sublime and in that room sits two chairs, in a mossy/ochre color. The fabric has a velvety/corduroy feel and just the sight of these chairs fills the viewer with awe. Some have said that these chairs can read your mind and make even your craziest desires/fantasies come true. Don’t take our word for it though, why not buy these chairs and see for yourself.

But be careful or like John Torrence in “The Shining” The Overlook Chairs will drive you crazy with delight!

  •  Vintage Arm Chairs circa 1970’s
  • Corduroy/velvet style fabric
  • Chairs are in pristine condition
  • Please contact us if you want measurements : )


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